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Is war in our Genes?

Please read this article. This weekend, the New York Times released an article (link above) posing the argument that  war is encoded within our biological make-up. Mankind has plagued itself with war since the beginning of functioning societies and … Continue reading

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Creating Profit: The Creation Museum And God said “Let us make money” and they made money Answers in Genesis 1:3 What can one learn from the website for the Kentucky based Creation Museum? In short, nothing, at least for free anyway. This museum, … Continue reading

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The Future of Prehistoric Television: The Implication of the Flintstones in Modern Culture

All Historical information about The Flintstones can be found in the link to the video below. A link to the particular episode referenced in the post can be found here: The animated series The Flintstones may be known to … Continue reading

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Is Common Sense a Genetically Inherited Trait? Please read the information on this link and any other stories about individuals eliminating their genes from the gene pool that you would like to read. Some of the stories are pretty funny!   The theory of evolution claims … Continue reading

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The Link Between Climate Change and Evolution, Still Pertinent Today     In this Huffington Post article from this July, Mother Nature Network‘s Russell McLendon presents some startling information on the current effects of climate change on Evolution. To preface this commentary, it is important to first establish the link … Continue reading

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Is Debating Part of Our Nature?

Perhaps the most heated thing going on in politics today is over the Syrian conflict and the United States’ possible role in it. President Obama has made his opinion on the matter clear, he supports a carefully planned strike at … Continue reading

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Humans: The Ultimate in Evolution or a Branch on the Tree? In this recent article from the New York Times, Carl Zimmer explores the discoveries of biologists: races who have lived in mountainous areas for millenniums have actually adapted to maximize the amount of oxygen their bodies can absorb. This article … Continue reading

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The Evolution of How and Why Monogamous Species Came To Be  The article above by reporter Carl Zimmer is titled “Monogamy and Human Evolution,” and it centers on the reasons and effects that primates such as humans began forming monogamous relationships after the split with our chimpanzee and baboon ancestors. … Continue reading

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Les Perlman and the E.T.S.: Taking on Automated Grading

Les Perlman offers a satirical commentary on the ineffectiveness of electronic grading.  The issue was initially brought to the national stage in March 2007 at the Conference on College Composition and Communication.  At this conference and subsequent annual ones, Perlman … Continue reading

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The Struggle Between the Evolutionists and Creationists, More Complicated Than Liberal and Conservative

An understated yet crucial point that Coyne has made is the way he explains the reactions that people had in several surveys concerning evolution.  Coyne explains that about forty percent of Americans believe that evolution is true, forty percent believe … Continue reading

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