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Freese’s Analysis of Vonnegut’s “Galápagos” For my final research paper I have analyzing Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Galápagos. This novel, set in 1986, tells the story of ten misfits whose cruise ship crashes on the island of Santa Rosalia in the Galápagos. While a bacterial … Continue reading

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Fitness and the Future of Mutation in Evolution Evolution is one of nature’s constants. It is a force that is always there, acting on all living creatures even though it has no predetermined end. However, over the past 25 years, scientist Richard Lenski believes he has found … Continue reading

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To enhance, or not to enhance?  For our class’ last research project, I chose to analyze the text of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Sepcifically, I wanted to analyze the use of eugenics and technology in the book that interact with the behavior and evolution of … Continue reading

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Rebranding a Movement: A New Age of Eugenics? For our upcoming research paper, I choose to pick the film Gattaca, which was written and directed by Andrew Niccol. Gattaca is a film made in 1997 in which a “not-too-distant-future”, scientists are able to manipulate and predetermine a child’s … Continue reading

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A Real-Life-Avatar?–says-upload-brain-hologram-immortal-2045.html While researching the topic of evolution and how it was reflected in film, I decided to focus my attention on the movie Avatar. Not only was it a more recent film that addressed issues of evolution such as human … Continue reading

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The Genomic Oracle: Evolution and DNA Seuencing While researching for the upcoming paper assignment, I had just decided on Gattaca for my topic of choice. Gattaca is a 1997 sci-fi film which explores the concept of eugenics in a world where the embryo is selected preimplantation … Continue reading

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Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May Live              Credits for the evolution theory is mostly given to Charles Darwin, particularly for writing the book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favored Races in … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Bad Boyfriend

What happens when the human biological imperative to maximize the passage of one’s genes comes into conflict with its own practices? One study by an interdisciplinary group of scientists concluded that this conflict results in a realization of the stereotype … Continue reading

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