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The Control of Fire and it’s Impact on Human Evolution Anthropologists are already aware of one of the major ways the discovery of fire and how to control it stimulated human evolution. When our ancestors first learned how to control fire and started cooking their food, new nutrients could be … Continue reading

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A religious battle of acceptance When thinking about the relationship between religion, specifically the Roman Catholic church, and science, our minds reminisce the Galileo times. Known to have been arrested and publically destroyed by the Catholic Church for contradicting doctrine which stated Earth was … Continue reading

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It is okay to use scientific evidence to support Christian beliefs

In “God and science: Considering evolution through the eyes of faith” Dr. Jan F. Dudt, Professor of Biology at Grove City College and fellow for medical ethics with The Center for Vision and Values, provides insight into the manner in … Continue reading

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Human Facial Diversity is Influenced by Evolution Have you ever wondered why it seems easy to tell the difference between different people, but you can’t differentiate between two penguins? Evolution may have a reason.  A new study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley suggests that … Continue reading

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Genetic Screening to Enhance IQ Should Be Embraced This article caught my eye mainly because of the clear stance presented in the title. Though it deals mostly with the subject of genetics, I felt that this article related to our class because it touches upon the common … Continue reading

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Questioning the ‘Out of Africa’ Hypothesis and Human Migration In this article, Peter Spinks discusses how evidence may change the details of the ‘Out of Africa’ hypothesis. This is the hypothesis stating that our modern human ancestors roamed from Africa to other parts of the world nearly 60,000 … Continue reading

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A Different Type of Evolution   Christina Sterbenz, an author for the Business Insider wrote a compelling article detailing how humans are amidst a rapid surge of evolutionary transition, but not the form of evolution we are accustomed to discussing. Sterbenz talks about we … Continue reading

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Evolution = Creationism?

This week in Australia, information and legislative statements have come forward about the teaching of creationism alongside the theory of evolution in homeschool curriculums of Christian parents. In the article linked above, a Sydney-based newspaper expands on the Home … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Caffeine and Plant and Animal’s Reliance on it As this article clearly points out, and as most of us can confirm, coffee is a drug that benefits us. After all, “caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world”. So why do we intake it? … Continue reading

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Will Allen- Growing Power, Challenges, and Composting at GW

Last night Will Allen told us that our food system is broken. The industrial agricultural system that has been growing since the Industrial Revolution fails to provide us with healthy food, or feed our growing population enough at all. People … Continue reading

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