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The Martians Are Coming!

When H. G. Wells published War of the Worlds in 1897 (it first appeared serially, much like a Dickens novel), he was grappling with concerns about the future of humankind.  Natural selection suggested that humanity’s place at the top of … Continue reading

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Art: Not Just For Humans Anymore Popular depiction of Neanderthals typically yields the same results: cultureless, brooding individuals confining themselves to caves. Consider the Geico cavemen, Night at the Museum, The Croods. This interpretation is so universal that calling someone a Neanderthal implies low intellect and … Continue reading

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The Hobbit, Ten Year Anniversary The discovery of the fossilized remains of an unknown hominid species in Indonesia sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community in 2004.  While the discovery of a new human species is certainly an exciting event, what made this discovery so … Continue reading

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Teaching Creationism in the Classroom The article I looked at is from the New Times and examines another way creationism is encroaching into public school classrooms. The New York Times reported that multiple people on the panel to decide the high school biology textbooks … Continue reading

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God-Loving Christian Nuclear Physicist Introduces Pro-Darwin Legislation to US House I’ve chosen to examine this article published in the New York Times in February 2013 because it is a unique example of the progressive scientific community advancing on the matter of evolution in public policy rather than retreating. Oftentimes, … Continue reading

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Now Playing In a Theatre Not So Near You: Creation Ever heard of the film, Creation? Me neither. Perhaps because this film never got much praise within the United States. Not a single U.S. distributer wanted to pick up this title until more than four months after its initial … Continue reading

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What about Islam and Evolution?

So far, a lot of the discussion has focused on the controversy between Christianity and evolution in the United States.  What if we looked at the relationship between evolution and a different religion in a different region of the world—say … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Not Met with Open Arms–8216-ludicrous-8217-apology-Charles-Darwin–126-years-death.html This news article was published by Mail Online, a couple of years ago in 2008, as the article also references Sarah Palin as a US Vice Presidential Candidate. The Church of England apologized to Darwin for its years of … Continue reading

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The Theory of Gravity vs. “Intelligent Falling”,1778/ This intriguing article, published in 2005, details a lesser-known educational controversy that coincided with the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial: the debate over the theory of gravity vs. “Intelligent Falling”. Proponents of Intelligent Falling, or “IF” argued that there are … Continue reading

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Divorcing Darwin It’s time to divorce Darwin. At least that’s what Carl Safina thinks. The MacArthur fellow believes that the theory of evolution has evolved beyond Darwin, and our inability to separate the man from the concept is hindering its legitimacy. Using … Continue reading

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