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Do you want to continue following this blog?

Greetings, and welcome back to GW! The blog is about to become live again, as a new group of students start to post.  I have removed all of you as authors on the blog.  If you receive an email about … Continue reading

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No More Accommodating!

You can find this New York Times article here. David Barash uses this article to lay out his hard-line position on the coexistence of science and religion, a position that is controversial and hopefully thought provoking! Barash is a biology … Continue reading

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The Clergy Letter Project

In 2004 nearly 200 clergy signed a letter in support of teaching evolution in schools when the Grantsburg, WI school district passed several anti-evolution laws. After such a large number of clergy showed interest in promoting the teaching of evolution … Continue reading

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Bill Nye the Science Guy!

For those of you who went, Bill put on a great show. Or rather conversation. He spoke about many different topics including his debate with Ken Ham, climate change and how we as a generation can contribute to helping feed … Continue reading

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Sex, Trees, and Other Things DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT THE EXTRA CREDIT POST FOR BILL NYE. THIS IS A REGULAR FRIDAY BLOG POST THAT HAPPENS TO BE FROM BILL NYE’S ARTICLE. But you all should definitely go check him out at GW’s Lisner Hall … Continue reading

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The evolution of… Zombies? In this article, Barber takes us through a condensed history of zombies and their reemergence into popular culture. According to Barber, the movie 28 Days Later (2002) was the catalyst that sparked our collective imaginations. However, zombies are not … Continue reading

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Genitalia and Irreducible Complexity

Please read Preface first: Straight Forward Article: More Detailed Article: “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory (of evolution) would absolutely break … Continue reading

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Reformation – Reformation – Read All About The article I chose to write my post on was on an article, by USA Today, on the recent statements by Pope Francis concerning the compatibility of evolutionary theory with the Catholic Church and its teachings. The article covers … Continue reading

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Creation Museum: Dinosaur Skeleton Proves the Biblical Flood Happened 4,300 Years Ago The Creation Museum is raving about its new fossilized dinosaur, Ebenezer. The skeleton, discovered in northwestern Colorado, was donated Elizabeth Streb Peroutka Foundation to the museum. Young Earth Creationists hopes that the fossil will not only prove to visitors … Continue reading

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The Martians Are Coming!

When H. G. Wells published War of the Worlds in 1897 (it first appeared serially, much like a Dickens novel), he was grappling with concerns about the future of humankind.  Natural selection suggested that humanity’s place at the top of … Continue reading

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